We are a group of students for Worcester Polytechnic Institute with limited coding experience. We are looking to create an app that tracks users' fatigue over time to help identify the key causes of their symptoms. Our group's previous experience in the issue identified fatigue as a common issue amongst many patients with various diseases. For many of these diseases, doctors cannot identify the causation of fatigue and in their patients as their data represents no medical connection between fatigue and the patient's disease.

What it does

Our app allows a user to register an account and input various data points. For example, a user can input water intake, activity level, diet, and sleep quantity/quality. The app registers this data and creates reports that a user can view over time to better understand their fatigue. The goal of the app is for the data to be sent to a user's doctor so that the doctor can better understand the connection between extreme fatigue and the disease in question.

How we built it

We used Heroku to create a live application server and coded a front end mobile app in react-native and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the server to deploy our react-native environment was difficult having no prior experience. Our group was unable to implement the tracking features. However, we were able to make various navigation components to work together simultaneously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group was able to set up a live server with each team member being able to collaborate and preview. Given our lack of prior experience, it is very fulfilling to have set up the foundations for the mobile application to be created on.

What we learned

We learned how to use a mobile application framework to build user interfaces based on components. Our group has a much better understanding of how front end development and react-native works.

What's next for UnFatigue Me

Our group plans to continue development for unFatigue Me and create a UI based on specific medical needs. Once the mobile application is complete, the group will develop an API and admin portal for which user data can be sent to for further analysis.

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