Inspiration .... During lockdown I faced personal under employment and I was not eligible for most COV-19 grants and I do not want to become a benefits claimant.

What it does.....I did significant testing of was or wasn't allowed by Marketplace on a range of items in my household.

How I built it.....Front end product user testing. I had to rebuild the Rollerskates though in the process of topping up my savings.

Challenges I ran into..... People say they want to buy things then don't show up or reject the item.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of....I scored well by user feedback on Description quality and prompt service.

What I learned.....some items aren't worth selling if they still improve your life. I learned to be less attached to physical stuff and it was lovely meeting the people who brought my beloved possessions.

What's next for Unexpected items banned by Marketplace.

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