Climate change concerns everyone. However, when you read mainstream newspaper, we rarely see any new about climate change until the damage has been done (example: hurricane, typhoon). We believe that the information about climate change may not be as accessible to journalists or the connection and relationship between data may not be easy to see at first glance. As a result we have decided to develop the web application, Klima Kage

What it does

Our web application consists of two part, the home page and the community page. For the homepage, we will set up a tutorial which is derived from the UNESCO handbook for journalists on climate change and sustainable development in Asia Pacific and under the tutorial, we embedded the data from open data sources which the journalists can personalize which data they want to monitor. We also recommend data that may interest the journalist based on their view history. The community part, we will have a forum which will be used for discussions and asking questions as well as a news page in which relevant articles will be linked. Articles which contain gender aspects of climate change as well as being written by female journalists will be prioritize with ratio 6-4. This is part of the effort to raise awareness about gender dimension. There will also be a admin users who will help verify information posted on discussion page and news page. It will also the admin's job to update the tutorial section so that if the handbook is updated, the tutorial will be modified to be up to date.

How we built it:

We use:

  • Node.js as back-end server connected to MongoDB online service.
  • ReactJS + Bootstrap to design dazzling front-end UI/UX for the best experiences of users
  • to assist and entertain user in finding climate data
  • the web app is hosted on heroku app

Our demo web app can be accessed on:

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