The numerous covid-19 tracking sites. People like being able to clearly see what's going on in the world. There's a distinct lack of real time unemployment info on the internet. Looking at the site is confusing (just like their API) - and there isn't a lot of alternative sources for this reason.

What it does

What it should do is take the data provided by the developer api, and use it to generate charts with chart.js.

How I built it

I used reactjs with reactjs-router and bootstrap to create the skeleton of the site. I use hooks to generate the chart using react-chartjs-2 and then display the data.

Challenges I ran into

Parsing the api, figuring out how to ask it for specific parts of the data. It required a nested loop to get at a nested list that contained the data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning the basics of react and JavaScript in two days.

What I learned

How to use react-router, react components, APIs, and the basic syntax and functionality of JavaScript.

What's next for Unemployer

Building out the parsing so that I can generate charts using react components.

Built With

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