Everybody has things they only need some of the time, like books and tools. But why should everybody have to buy items that are only going to sit unused on a shelf? Instead, why not borrow them from other people in your community? This is the main concept behind UNeed, a location-based borrowing platform. When you visit the website, the main feature is a map that focuses on your location and displays markers that represent nearby items that you can borrow. The user can also browse for specific items on the right sidebar, and post new items on the opposite side. But how do we ensure that the items are returned? Well, when posting an item, the lender can specify a lending period as well as a monetary amount for a deposit. The borrower then gives this amount of money to the site upon receiving the item, and gets the money back when they return the item. If the item is not returned within the time period, the lender receives the deposit instead. Much like a library, as long as you return the items on time, you can borrow them for free! Are you tired of all the clutter on your shelves? Need something that you will only use once? Then let UNeed help you lend to your community and save money! Sign up today, and you may just find something that UNeed.

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