We were inspired by the story of Brittany, who was all of a sudden put into a situation where she needs immediate help while she was least expecting it. It would have been difficult for her to reach out for help all of a sudden. She needs a medium through which she can easily reach out for help.

What it does

Enables people to reach out for help, participate in events, search for jobs as well as receive useful suggestions. It also leverages existing social media such as twitter, facebook, angel list for this purpose.

How we built it

We built it as a hybrid mobile application using ionic framework

Challenges we ran into

Linked APIs shutdown vital endpoints that we wanted to use. We discovered it pretty late. Establishing CORS calls to backend DB from Ionic was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We formed a basic structure over which the idea can be further built upon.

What we learned

From a technological point of view we learned a lot in ionic framework. In addition to that, We got a great insight from Joe about how to see from a perspective of the person who needs it.

What's next for UnderstandingPoverty

Currently we have concentrated on the basic UI and help feature. The application needs to be developed further to implement other features such as events, suggestions, jobs and other things. So, In future these need to be prioritized and completed.

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