We're all part of a growing organization, and I was curious about what a bird's eye view of the entire organization would look like. I wanted to familiarize myself with how different work groups are related.

What it does

These charts provide two ways of seeing the organization. One is an expandable tree that shows the tree-like structure of the organization -- think org browser but being able to investigate multiple branches at once. The other is a circle-packing view in which the largest circle is all of Wayfair and nested smaller circles show subsequent groups. The smallest white dots are the leaves of the tree structure that is our organization.

You can try it out by downloading three files from my Google Drive and opening the two html's in Firefox. (Chrome has extra security that prevents viewing these from a local resource).

How I built it

I used Python to structure the data into a useful format for the JavaScript D3 library to interact with.

These visualizations make use of these examples -- licensing check required before using these visualizations in production:,

Challenges I ran into

These visualizations could be made richer with other parameters associated to each group - e.g. number of employees and their locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pulling together some visualizations in one day that were useful enough for me to learn things I hadn't previously known about our organization!

What I learned

Steve and Niraj have their own tiny workgroup! Their workgroup is the only one that does not have any subdivisions. They show up as a tiny white dot directly inside the big Wayfair circle. While Steve and Niraj have the shortest branch in the organizational tree, the longest branch is in Sales & Operations and extends to the Frontline Freight Team - Bangor and the Middle Mile Transactional Team - Bangor.

What's next for Understanding Our Org

Use in New Hire Onboarding? Use by Talent Management and Recruiting for an overview at a glance? Inclusion in Admin Home/Org Browser? Used in static or interactive form for Chart of the Day?

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