Coming from India, which is an agricultural-based economy, even with a huge population involved in agriculture; farmers suffer for their daily wages, causing thousands of farmer suicides every year. One of the main reasons for this financial crisis is borewell failures. Seeing the number of deaths increasing every year inspired us to create this application for the farmer's benefit.

What it does

It displays the following: i) Quantity of the Water Available in that area. ii) Quality of the Water with the physical and chemical parameters,which denotes the water is capable for drinking or not by colors indications. iii) Alarming at the maximum usage of water or wastage of water or leakage of water. iv) The Map of the underground water is linked with the spatial maps with the mentioned water specifications and set as a open resource of knowledge to the people about groundwater in the Mobile Application.

How We built it

We integrated the data on maps which shows the block level data based on the pre and post monsoon hight chart graph, ARIMA Model and an upward and downward trend of that region. We are using advanced arithmetic and machine learning algorithms to predict the depth and availability of groundwater at any particular area with precision.

Challenges We ran into

Collecting data was a huge challenge. We contacted the Indian Space Research Organization to finance the data but being queued we looked for other sources, one from the Department of Hydrology in the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar where we got temporal data for the past 10 years and created a prediction algorithm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a really good feedback from many proffesionals in the field. One such person we came across was a Ph.D scholar, Senior Hydrogeologist Dr.S.Subramanian: from Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources. Who agreed the project is feasible and assured necessary support for the initial stage, and also told that the government was looking forward for such solutions

What we learned

We learned that it was a difficult job to get done in a country like India where data is very hard to find and deficient. But no matter how difficult it was we wanted to still stay on the path, cause it would mean saving the lives of the most important people of the country, the ones who drive the country and keep us living. We learned as long as we work on this there will still be hope.

What's next for Underground water level detector.

We're going to start building our private datbases and reach out to government fundings which understand our vision and look invest into building up our technology.

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