Underground Axess is a musician driven platform that allows musicians to network,create, and learn how to make a better career for themselves in the music industry.

Mission We are tired of seeing underground musicians struggle so much on their journey to success, we want to make that journey easier and much more fun. Our mission is to save the underground musicians. Description We offer products and services that aid every musician. We help musicians to network with other musicians because networking is the number one way to get your name out there. We offer opportunities for success and we connect you with managers, teachers, photographers, producers, record companies, and every other resource you may need to get your career rolling.

Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

  • Live Jam sessions to help you connect with others and simply meet new people.
  • Job posting. If a band is out a drummer for the night then you have an opportunity to make a few bucks and meet new people, and most of all, play music.
  • Contests and free giveaways! Yes right here at Underground Axess you have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.
  • Musician of the Week! One musician profile and one separate band profile will be displayed each week to help give you some credit out there in this cut-throat industry.
  • The learning is endless! Teachers will be able to make profiles and teach whatever instrument they are proficient at. They can also have lessons on music theory and many other topics.
  • Programs will also be available to help aid your band's success. More to come on the details and specifics of the programs.
  • Fans! Who doesn't love their fans? Well they can actively be apart of your page and show record companies that you have heat!
  • Much more to come! We are constantly innovating new ways to make your job as a musician easier. Let our site aid the business side of things so you can concentrate on whats really important, the music.
  • We saved the best for last. Here at Underground Axess we want to know what is on your mind, so not only do we give you blogs and many outlets to express yourself as a musician, but we provide polls and specific blogs so you can tell us what you need and what our next upgrades should be!

Come join the movement to save the underground artists. If you'd like to join this movement, then all of us at Underground Axess would like to welcome you to the family!

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