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A web-based game jam idea generator.

What it does

It's a game about cooking with guns.

How we built it

The game itself is built in Unity, we used Git as the version control with the four of us contributing.

Challenges we ran into

Typical Git issues, limited time to make a decent game, limited knowledge of the tools we used

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype

What we learned

Unity, "Unity can be a little bitch sometimes" -- Resident Unity Expert

What's next for Undercooked

-Improved and more maps (Themes)

-Map 1: Kitchen

-Food Truck





-Krusty Krab 

-More recipes

-More complex recipes with more ingredients

-More base ingredients

    -More individual vegetables

    -Fruit (pineapple pizza)

-Procedural recipes

    -Instead of hard coding everything, simple things like pasta + ingredient/s = ingredient/s pasta

-More cooking methods


    -Multiple pan options






-Other guns

-Supersoaker for soup

-Potato gun easter egg

-Revolver that can hold multiple different food items

    -Minigame perhaps.

-More enemy types

-Chef – Picky, won’t lose health on incomplete recipe

-Karen – Will get faster when given the wrong meal

-Vegetarian/Carnivore – Will get faster when given the wrong meal with meat/veg

-Cannibals – Attack player.


-Beating level gives xp and money

-Can spend money for upgrades that are unlocked at specific level

    -Shoot utensils at enemies to slow them down. Difficult because you have to retrieve.

-Better and more stable code


-Hard mode:

-Make everything from scratch

    -Bake the bread

-Ultra hard mode:

-Make EVERYTHING from scratch

    -Grow the wheat to mill the flour to bake the bread
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