Can I eat cereals? Should I drink juice? How much cholesterol is in shrimps? How much sugar is in ketchup? If you want to improve your diet, you need to learn every day.

What it does

This skill gives you instant feedback on your foods and drinks and helps you make better food choices.

Open this skill (“Alexa, open Under My Fork”) to ask a question about your food.

Check out the benefits and risks of the meals you eat. Control the amount of sugar, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber in your daily diet.

You can ask UnderMyFork questions like:

  • Can I eat a cheesecake
  • Should I eat salmon
  • How many carbs are in 2 slices of bread
  • How much cholesterol is in 3 eggs
  • Should I drink water
  • How many calories are in 2 table spoons of peanut butter

You can include the serving size in your questions, like “how much fiber is in a cup of oatmeal” or “or how many calories are in 200g of grilled chicken”.

This skill also can remember the context of your previous question. If you want to ask another similar question, you can say “What about apple” without repeating the full question.

How we built it

We are working on Forksy, AI platform to automate nutrition advice. We have our own NLU for foods and drinks, as well as a lot of useful insights about foods and drinks that can be shared via Alexa. This is our first Alexa Skill, but it will be improved a lot in the coming months.

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