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We were inspires by the 80s and 90s retro aesthetic. As a group we decided to take advantage of modern technology and create a game that is not to similar to Tetris, Mario, nor Pac-man.

🕹 What it does

Galagastetroids is the ultimate retro game that combines components of Galaga, Asteroids, Tetris, Pacman, and Snake. The player is the green snake character, "Pickle", who has a Galaga shooter attached to his head as a hat. Pickle has to avoid falling tetris blocks and approaching ghosts so he can make his score and length go up as much as it can. To do this Pickle uses the left and right arrows to turn, the up and down arrows to speed up/slow down, and the space arrow to shoot out of his Galaga hat. He can also press 'p' to pause game

🛠How we built it

We found an open source wordle clone online and modified it to fit our vision. We started developing our web framework using Visual Studio live share to collaborate together as a team. The main languages we used were Javascript, CSS, and HTML Canvas for the front end development. Our audio was designed using Sounfxcenter.com. The charter were designed using Pixelart.com. Then we created a GitHub repository to host the game codes and also serve as the server for our web app.

⚙️ Challenges we ran into

Building this website challenged each of us as none of us had much experience with JavaScript, hence we had to learn as we go .The layout presented some difficulties at first, particularly with the list of sounds, which had to be clustered together and moved around to meet our website structure. Initially we have some issues connecting everyone on Visual Studio Code live share, since none of us had for experience with that. Furthermore, our code may be more efficient, however we had trouble generalizing several functions so that all songs could play independently.

🌟 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite pleased with the look and feel of our website, as well as the fact that every suggestion we adopted was practical. We were also pleased with our ability to work quickly and clearly explain our obligations and concerns.

🌱 What we learned

We learned JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Pixelart, and how to collaborate as a group with multiple moving parts especially through the unknowns. Sumi learned about about retro games, HTML its classes, and how to lay them out on a web page. Binta learned about how to host websites both locally and remotely. Andrew learned how to use JavaScript to embed audio in a webpage stylistically. Zane had the chance to gain practical experience with Javascript.

🚀 What's next for Galagastetroids

We hope to implement a game that the user can play from different locations.

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