You want to find a study partner right now but do not want to be seen asking people to study with (who may not even want to study with you). Your test is in three days and you don't have time to go to class and set up a "group study" sign up sheet. You want a (willing) study partner right now. What do you do? Use UNC Study Buddy!

With UNC Study Buddy you can instantly see if anyone around campus is willing to study the same subject you are interested in at that moment. Your requests are anonymous: you type in the name of a subject you want to study. If someone else across campus has the same subject, the two of you will match and be asked to meet each other at the undergraduate library! You now have a willing study buddy!

We built our Android app using Android studio for the Front-End and parse to handle the Back-End (for our databases and push notifications)

Deciding on how to handle the Back-End was a challenge. Implementing Push notifications was also a bit of a challenge.However, We are proud of being able to successfully construct push notification and the simplicity of the matching algorithm. We are also proud of our ability to adapt and successfully tackle challenges faced by us. From this experience, we've been taught a lot about Parse and its features such as Pushnotifications. We also learned a bit about IbmBluemix even though we eventually did not decide to use it.

UNC Study Buddy can grow in many ways. The next step will be implementing maps to find the closest library for the two students that matched so as to make the app more generic and not just applicable to UNC.

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