So first our team started with the planning stage of the game, this is what we had so far:

it was an ambitious text-adventure style semi-survival game that had a map planned ahead. The current build of the game only has 4 maps and has some weird backtracking glitches and isn't 100% stable. However, it did take a lot of time and we did find a way to make it easy to implement all 36 areas in a convenient way with the tiles system for programming. The title was programmed on a website called which lacked visual support which caused us to do a text adventure game and it ran Python3. Everyone in our team either didn't have much experience coding, or knew some python before out forgot most of it. We mostly looked up guides for certain aspects and even other text adventures and how the dialogue would normally flow and choices. However our ability to pre-plan was what at least caused the project to not constantly fluctuate all the time.

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