Happy to participate to the Montreal Yakathon 2016

What it does

Explore Yelp academic datasets in details and join with Montreal weather and metro information.

How we built it

Data mining was performed with R and Python. Reverse engineer Yelp data by guessing gender of the reviewers

Challenges we ran into

To find a cool idea!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finish the project

What we learned

  • We need faster and bigger computer.
  • Never trust the data as it is. Must always validate.

What's next for unCOOL exploration of Yelp data and others (MTL'16)

More big data

Built With

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posted an update

Hope everyone had a good weekend at the Yackathon. I learned a lot and would like everyone for good participation. Let's keep this project alive. If you will come up with any improvement in your work this weekend, please share with the team on here. If I can be any help with your data research then I would be glad to help.

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