We were inspired by one of our friends who struggled to keep her mental health in check after medical treatment for cancer. We wanted to create a web app to connect her with people her age who she could relate to and talk to. She also struggled to keep track of her medications and stay positive throughout the day and we were able to implement that in our app as well.

What it does

Unconditional provides people who have gone through medical treatment for life-threatening diseases with a support system. It primarily focuses on acting as a social media platform where people are matched with others, through similar interests, and where they can meet and form support groups with other survivors. In addition, it also has an integrated SMS system where it can send reminders to people regarding doctor appointments, medication, or even just positivity messages.

How we built it

We utilized a full-stack MongoDB, React, Node, and Express (MERN) app for the majority of our project. We also utilized Twilio to integrate the automated SMS system.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we spent too much time planning the idea and realized that we were trying to do too much in the little time that we had. After we split up and worked on our individual parts, we realized that the individual parts weren't linked and had a lot of time linking the React app, the MongoDB database, and the Twilio API sections.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what we implemented in the short period of time that we were given. We think that this project could be really impactful if it were further developed, as it serves an often underrepresented population.

What we learned

We learned more about the software that we used, as this was the first time we used this software. We also learned a lot more about how front-end and back-end connect to each other.

What's next for Unconditional

We want to expand our social media aspect and help the participants meet up based on their location.

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