Uncle Red is born in Penang, Malaysia, currently 70 years old. He loves to purchase stuffs from e-commerce platforms but always face difficulty to track his purchased shipment. This is due to non-uniform/bad user interface by logistic providers to track the shipment

What it does

Uncle Red is a chatbot that will keep you update on Facebook messenger whenever there is an update on your tracked shipment

How I built it

Built two servers, one with next.js while the other with express. Front end is crafted with React while backend data is all stored into Redis ( Hosted in Redis Labs ). Both servers communicates with Redis Pub/Sub

Challenges I ran into

Mapping out the architecture to complete both servers with their front end logics to communicate with Redis on backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to complete everything planned successfully

What I learned

Redis Pub/Sub, Redis Syntax and looking forward to learn more on Redis extensions

What's next for Uncle Red

Uncle Red should tell you joke !

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