As coronavirus recedes, companies will have a daunting challenge to choose which employees work from home and who come to the office. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, Uncle Jon has an idea!

He suggests that each employee will have to take an A.I powered test which will evaluate how likely they are to be affected by COVID-19. Then, based on the results of the diagnosis test and the position of the employee in the company hierarchy, Uncle Jon will automatically suggest which employees should be called to the office and how they must be seated. These results will be shared with the HR team who can then modify it as per their needs.

To determine the chances of a person to be infected by COVID-19, we are using facial analysis, voice inputs, natural language processing, and location analysis. For location analysis, we are using Redis Geospatial which helps us to determine how far a person is located from a COVID-19 cluster. We have stored the location data of COVID-19 affected patients, and Redis takes only milliseconds to identify the number of COVID-19 cases within the 100 metre radius of the person.

After an employee takes the A.I based test, all the data is loaded into Redis Streams which are made independently for each office. The HR managers can view the results of the test in realtime which will allow them to make quick decisions on whether the employee should be called to the office.

Uncle Jon will issue a digital identity card to the employees who have to come to the office. The identity card would generate a token id, which the employee would have to enter at the office gate. The identity card would be valid for 7 days, post which the employee will have to take the A.I based test again to validate their health.

That’s Uncle Jon.

Main Idea: This test segregates to ensure that high priority cases work from home, while the low priority cases come at the office.

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