Uncharted is a low-barrier-to-entry music discovery service that offers Spotify music suggestions through text messaging.


With the abundance of mobile applications in existance today, mobile devices have become oversaturated with notifications. We decided to take a step back and explore a new paradigm of user interaction.

How it works

Users register with Uncharted through a simple web application by providing their email address, phone number, and favorite music genres. Once the user has created an account, their primary method of interaction with Uncharted is through their phone.

What's next for Uncharted

  • Implement phone verification during registration process
  • Implement a simple web application that compliments text messaging functionality
  • Only recommend songs that the user has not previously listened to on Spotify

Prizes Competing For

  • Best Domain Name
  • Best Use of the Spotify API
  • Best Design
  • Best Use of Twilio
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