An app that connects users to farmers markets the smart way, making it easier to support local businesses and easier for those businesses to connect.

We were inspired by existing community supported agriculture solutions - they allow people and local farmers to connect, allow people to get better food, and to support their own local businesses. However, we felt that these solutions could be built upon and expanded into something bigger.

Something More

Existing solutions are currently not as accessible as the current age of technology demands. unChained allows people to access local markets and farms, place reservations, and get info all on their mobile device, meaning that the app moves as fast as they do, compared to a website that is only easily accessible on a laptop or desktop. In addition, a modernized, sleek and simple to use UI allows people to find information, place orders, and manage their shopping all in one place rather than relying on multiple services.

In addition to connecting people to farms, unChained seeks to connect farmers to farmers in a novel approach to allow farmers to cooperate and grow as a community. Many small family farmers don't have the equipment, time, or resources to drive produce down to a farmer's market every week, and as such lose out on a large portion of potential sales and revenue. We propose a subcontracting service that allows other farmers, in exchange for a fee, to deliver produce to market for other farmers. This subcontracting service will allow farmers to grow and build as a community.

The Technology

unChained is built using VueJS as a progressive web app. This means it can be both a website and mobile app on any device making accessibility and compatibility excellent. The server-side API that unChained uses is extensible and flexible, and able to be completely isolated from the app allowing both scalability and ease of development.


One of the biggest challenges was learning how to make a PWA using Vue within the time period of the hackathon. While we've both worked with Vue before, PWAs and some of the tools we used to build unChained were completely new to us, so that took a little problem solving and debugging.

Built With

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