I want to make fun workout game to HTC Vive.

What it does

It is a coin catcher game in which the player collects coins and others objects and dodges obstacles. If a controller hits a wall or obstacle they will lose their function for 5 seconds and the player is unable to collect coins. The player however loses if the headset hits an obstacle. Some of the objects have different properties. For example with a shield the player can momentarily through walls without game over. The game works wonderfully in Vr environment without motion sickness, thanks to room-scale gameplay. I have also coded own alarmsystem in addition to the chaperone.

The structure of the game has now been finetuned to a good level of difficulty. For the future we are planning modes of varying difficulty and challenging levels with dodgeable objects. Level 2 will be considerably different with greater variety in levels. I'm hoping players to give me feedback about bugs and ideas for developing the game. In the future I will be updating the game, on a as short a notice as I possibly can.

How we built it

I have to learn coding with c# and Unity before I made that game.

Challenges we ran into

Everything was new for me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I quickly learned how to write C# .

What we learned

C# and more english

What's next for Unbreakable Vr Runner

More levels and new features.

Built With

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