Our app is called unboxed. We are a vine for unboxing videos.

For those who aren't familiar, unboxing videos are video recordings of a person's first experience with a product.

These videos make us smile and laugh.

But advertisers also pay millions to these video creators. Why?

They inspire mom, dad, grandma and grandpa to buy games, pools, and bouncy castles.

But it doesn't end with purchase.

The Craftsman brand, is a critical part of today's maker's movement. Customers rely on these product videos for how to information, driving customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Our iOS app is built in Xcode. We access the Sears Product Details API for product information. We've linked our Buy Now button to the product's web page.

For recording videos, we've got an integration with a third party service called mailparser.io. We can forward this simulated Sears purchase confirmation and send it to this email address, just like you would in TripIt.

Thanks to this integration, next time the user goes to record a video, they can select one of his or her previous purchases and record an unboxing video. It'll get added to the news feed.

And yes, they can earn Sears Rewards Points. Or even cold cash, if they have a Comission Juncrion affiliate advertising account.

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