Journalism has been taking a toll, too many news now are just opinions, and from those thoughts of the MainStream Media tends to drive the public opinions. We take a deeper insight through Watson's big data to give users to have an unbiased analytic on what they are reading.

How it works

Through Google Chrome Plugin, user can analyze their news by a simple click of a chrome extension

Challenges I ran into

Running multiple Watson technologies at the same time, learning node.js

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I combined Text to Speech, Personality and Alchemy API in one

What I learned

How powerful Watson big data analytics are

What's next for Unbiased News Insights

Publish into chrome extension and charge people monthly fee

Built With

  • alchemyapi
  • chrome
  • google-news-api
  • google-search-api
  • ibm-watson
  • text-to-speech
  • watson-concept-expansion
  • watson-concept-insight
  • watson-langauge-identification
  • watson-machine-translation
  • watson-personality
  • watson-relation
  • watson-relationship-extraction
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