Instead of collecting AirMiles that can only be redeemed against a specific airline and have an expiration date, you instead collect NFTs that can be exchanged on an interoperable platform? Imagine?

What it does

Share memorable travel experiences and creating life long links Experience places in AR/VR and create NFTs during your trip

How we built it

Google Cloud, Android,Google Maps, XRPL, Ethereum

Challenges we ran into

Interoperability with XRPL and Ethereum on Google Cloud Platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to develop a web app and native android app that is functional. We hope to complete the XRPL interoperability in due course

What we learned

sharing is caring. We relied a lot on open source resources and we intend to make the project open source

What's next for Umushi

Develop an NFT Marketplace. We will see NFTs in the metaverse. MpelembeVerse aims to develop NFT communities, where you buy an NFT to become part of a community and you get some utilities from the NFT ownership, for instance in the travel area.

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posted an update

Hello fellow NLP enthusiasts @mpelembe is developing with DALL-E ! Funny as it may sound, Natural Language Processing (NLP) models pose the next generation of human-AI interaction. Imagine it, travelling in #metaverse and collecting NFTs

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