I currently work as an employee at the University Museum on campus. One of my duties as and Undergraduate Assistant is time keeping for the Undergraduate gallery attendants. We currently use the ol' pen and paper system for students to record their time before it is submitted to payroll. The obvious problems arise with system on a regular basis. Students are required to write in the number of hours they work, which they do not always calculate properly. This also often does not account for students who may be late but still record their full hours worked. Enter the UMTS (University Museum Time System). This allows student to clock in and out just like they would for a normal job. Utilizing Google's fusion table API I can track this in a database that can be shared with any member of management. This will also easily allow management to see who is currently clocked in without having to contact the desk to ensure employees are present. The API also controls who can access the database preventing someone from simply obtaining the APK and manipulating their time. Since this clock system will be run from a tablet, geolocation is also utilized to ensure the person is clocking in from the appropriate location, (ie the museum) without having simply taken the tablet with them to clock in from home. Further updates can include the use of NFC chips assigned to students streamlining the process even further and adding another layer of security.

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