Virtual Adviser is an easy to use Collegiate Experience Road-Mapping tool that will make it a breeze for a college student at any level to plan out their Road Map to a successful career.

The current method of planning your college career is very time consuming, challenging, and data is not readily available to you in one location. Virtual Adviser will make this information easy to locate, and fun to use when deciding your career path through college and beyond. Not only will your selected major path always be clear, but the exploration of other electives to add to your schedule will be fun and interactive. The application is currently broken into three major parts:

  1. Your dashboard: This is where your current progress towards your major, minor, or any certificate you are pursuing, will always be available at any time, as well as your GPA.
  2. Your Road Map: In this page, you will see a virtual representation of the current classes you have scheduled for your collegiate career. These each are represented by a circular object, which are then separated into semesters, based on the time frame you are attending college. These can be reorganized at a touch to help you visual plan your classes by semester. This system will make sure you plan your classes in the proper order so that you have all prerequisites before signing up for any class.
  3. A course suggestion page: With this tool, you can search the entire course catalog for classes to add to your schedule. As an added bonus, this page will suggest possible career paths based on your major. By looking into one of these possible career paths, the page will update to give you any certificates, or electives that you could add to your Road Map.

This application will house all this data, and will have a reporting function for faculty to see who is looking to sign up for each course, based by semester. Other reporting functionality can be set up, based on the needs of the faculty.

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