I was compelled to undertake a project on my own for this first time in my hackathoning career. One that I covers my interests in web applications and image processing and would be something "do-able" within the competition.

What it does

Umoji is a web-app that take's an image input and using facial recognition maps emoji symbols onto the faces in the image matching their emotion/facial expressions.

How I built it

Using Google Cloud Vision API as the backbone for all the ML and visual recognition, flask to serve up the simple bootstrap based html front-end.

Challenges I ran into

Creating an extensive list of Emoji to map to the different levels of emotion predicted by the ML Model. Web deployment / networking problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That fact that I was able to hit all the check boxes for what I set out to do. Not overshooting with stretch features or getting to caught up with extending the main features beyond the original scope.

What I learned

How to work with Google's cloud API / image processing and rapid live deployment.

What's next for Umoji

More emojis, better UI/UX and social media integration for sharing.

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