My submission for the bostonhacks2021 hackathon for the track of MENTAL HEALTH and partly under COMMUNITY. Track 1 and 2!


It's not difficult to come up with an inspiration if you are also going through the same problem, is there? I mean it's right in front of you.

The name 'umoja' is a Swahili word which means 'unity'.

what it does

Umoja is an app that provides free talk therapy to people who cannot afford it especially during this POST COVID world where mental health issues have been on the rise and people have lost their jobs and barely have the money to pay for therapy.

It does this through crowd funding and may also get funding from charity organizations and goFundMe.

How it works

Sponsors can choose to pay monthly or per bank transaction

Monthly~ Specified Points are translated to points then taken from their accounts every month.

Per Transaction~ Every time a bank transaction is made, the amount is rounded off to the nearest dollar and the difference is divided by two and used to buy points that you can use later to sponsor therapists.

The points and the money exchange rate would change based on the ratio of the number of patients using the app to the number of therapists.


The team is made up of myself Leon Kipkoech. Yes, I was alone in this project. AND IT WAS CHALLENGING!!

Next Steps

Umoja will be an open source project from this point forward, because the community at large should be involved.

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