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From more than 200,000 hotels in Europe, 87% are small independent businesses (92.7% under 99 rooms). They are all closed now.
When they open, they will operate in harsh business environment, will need to adapt fast and use affordable technologies to overcome their challenges and survive.

One of the major problems that they will be facing as soon as they open will be the lack of manpower in all hotel departments including front-line customer service, which will lead to lose business and hard to recover.

The hotel AI chatbots substitute the hotel customer support team at first line of support that the hotels have had to furlough or fire and will not be able to rehire fast due to low occupancy and revenue, labor shortage or the need of re-skilling the staff in the long path to recovery.

Among all the benefits, AI chatbots allows hotels to:

  • optimize staff time,
  • reduce cost of customer service,
  • increase direct sales,
  • increase customer satisfaction, and
  • decrease the customers face-to-face touch points.

The secret:

Umni simplifies, speed up and democratize the creation, implementation, and maintenance of an AI chatbot for hotels by providing hotels with an affordable Chatbot Management platform, MyBot as a service. It does not require technical skills to use it and allows hotels to manage customer inquiries, promotions, content, and functionalities in the hotel chatbot fast and easy from one place.
Umni team back up its services with over 20 years of experience in hospitality industry.

The core element of MyBot is the centralized conversational AI module that makes hotel chatbots smarter faster and provides efficient _multilingual first-line customer assistance, 24/7. With the centralized module, the conversation with a client of one chatbot makes ‘smarter’ all other bots in the system as they are using the same AI. The hotel AI chatbots know it all from Day 1.

Currently, the AI module content over 370 hotel topics with over 3,200 customer questions behind, in 3 languages. Umni’ goal is to built-in at least 1,000 hotel topics by the end of 2020.

What we have accomplished:

During the incredible #EUvsVirus Hackathon weekend we found a way to optimize our operations to 10 chatbots per day! A hotel can upload its information in a single day without a special training and activate a personalized AI virtual employee, 24/7 on duty.
And we have ready hotel chatbot demo in English available to test at: https://m.me/umni.hotel2

Business model : Software-as-a-Service subscription
A Hotel pays monthly maintenance fee - a small portion of the salary of one hotel employee!

MyBot is working MVP in use already by 3 and 4-star hotels and int’l tour operator in Bulgaria and can be adapted for chatbot management services in other niches in hospitality (restaurant, spa and wellness, tour-agencies, etc.) as well as for businesses in other industries. One of our customers says the Umni chatbot already saves average 10 minutes per client or about 150 hours per month to the Reservation and Sales team.

We are up and running
We can help other business in Europe after the crisis to receive such results in customer service, never miss customer question or inquiry, increase customer satisfaction, to improve the internal efficiency of hotels, optimize staff performance and reach higher standard of service required for every hotel to survive and grow into the new digital Era.

What is next:

Now it is time to take our solution to the next step by optimizing further the platform, adding more functionalities and more languages, taking it to the businesses in other European countries:

  • Optimization of MyBot: further increase of the control of the hotel in the management of the chatbot
  • Addition of new hotel topics to the centralized AI module: we aim to have at least 1000 topics until the end of 2020!
  • Adding new languages to hotel chatbots. At present, Umni supports English, Russian and Bulgarian.
  • Marketing efforts to address the independent hotel businesses in Europe.
  • Building up the chatbot management platform to a full-scale vertical platform for the management of AI chatbots.


We need € 300,000 to build a team, to full-scale MyBot platform to provide with AI chatbot service businesses from other industries and to deliver the message to those in need of an AI chatbot.
We also need connections to the right people in the hotel industry.

Our Experience
Umni’s team has over 20 years of experience in hotel operations, management, sales and marketing and 20 years of IT experience. Umni’s customers are in financial, medical, hospitality, service, public, private, and other sectors.

In 2019, Umni was named the Best Hotel and Restaurant Software'19 at the 3rd National Conference Smartourism.bg and created its largest pilot project, city AI tourist chatbot Plovdiv City Concierge, for Plovdiv city (Bulgaria) to assist tourists during Plovdiv being European Capital of Culture 2019 (the first city chatbot in Bulgaria).

Hotel AI Chatbot Demo in Messenger in Eng: https://m.me/umni.hotel2
Umni web site: https://umni.bg/en

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