Since the quarantine, the majority of social interactions have shifted to online platforms. Zoom has become a huge aspect of this, and although it is great, some aspects of Zoom do not emulate physical interactions as well and leaves one feeling lacking. Our goal with ConnectRight is to create a platform that creates a sense of community while not losing that feeling of meeting others in a more personal setting. We imagined the idea of “libraries” because libraries or coffee shops are where we go to catch up and finish our work, settle down with a cup of coffee, and touch base with others in a productive way.

What it does

We created an online platform where people can go into specialized "libraries" where users can interact with like-minded individuals, whether that be study, work, chat with others, similar to a real library. We look to emulate a physical office or workspace in a time where many have been forced to work from home.

How we built it

We used bootstrap, xammp, HTML, javascript, css, c#, and Unity to build a website, database, and the libraries.

Challenges We ran into

For the members of the team that had very little experience coding experience, there was a huge learning curve for simple coding tasks, such as syntax. We had difficulty linking all the pieces together (the website to the database and the c# library to the website).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud of all the work we completed in the short amount of time we had for this hackathon. We are proud of overcoming the initial difficulties such as designing a database that would connect to a website.

What we learned

We all learned new technical skills that we did not know before such as HTML or how to connect a database to a website.

What's next for ConnectRight

We hoped to take virtual connection one step further towards in-person connection by incorporating video conferencing and VR. We would also look to test the user experience of our platform by seeking feedback from focus groups.

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