The battle ground was set, a battle between design centric low coders and code centric developers. Code centric fanatics, swore on a makerspace ideation principle, that hacking and code without architecture was the makers way and supreme, while software engineers, designers and architects disagreed, was not Linux, one such poory designed software, without the elements of architecture, design and quality assurance? Was not an industry of honarary makers toiling long hours on poorly defined concepts, the war continues as we the design centric have a decisive victory, with Sketch2Code and UML 2.5!

What it does

Microsoft AI Labs, demos sketch2code, to demonstrate AI for Good, doing more Good was so easy, it just was a natural wedding of sketch2code and UML, leading to hand drawn UML solutions turning to code. While most IDEs, including Eclipse, already support UML to code conversion, the only next step was using sketch2code to convert a sketch to UML objects with Azure Cognitive API.

How we built it

We just used the sketch2code architecture, transformed to recognize UML objects and creating a layout representation for the UML.

Challenges we ran into

In progress...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Phase One: UML is generated and can be exported to any API or UML IDE with code generation from the PlantUML or a tree representation.

What we learned

Use of Azure Cognitive APIs

What's next for UML weds Sketch2Code

UML weds Sketch2Code, moves to PML, invented by teh author, PML is provable programming, and PML is provable UML.

Built With

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