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UMI, short for, You-And-Me!, is a discord bot drawn from our college experience. As freshmen coming to UCI, we couldn't be happier, but there was a catch. We were coming into the school on a year that was tarnished and tattered by the COVID 19 VIRUS, and it wasn’t getting better. Our first class, ICS 31, was met with our first ever course discord, a place of wonder and fascination with all sorts of common interest and people to talk to. Still, there was a catch, most of the interactions did not feel personable as my message would disappear from the screen just as fast as it would enter. Through this shared sentiment, our bot was thus born. With the growth of social media and internet based platforms, it has become easy for the older generation to declare that our younger generation is simply less social and lazy. This is just not true; it's just a scary world out there. Many of us do not know where to start, and just throwing ourselves into a chat of 100+ people is daunting. That is where the first part of our program comes in, a database using google cloud to store the contact information of anyone who wants to be reached out to by a more personal medium. With a secondary function of a functional call center of students, or younger individuals, where if you are in a dark time and really need someone to talk to, you'll have more resources than just a national hotline. Of course our goal would be to prevent or solve these dark feelings before they come to be, thus we have a second part to a bot, a daily inspiration/lifestyle bot to give a daily boost to our users. From recipes to animal facts, activities to inspirational quotes, our bot hopes to give you just a little bit of serotonin as you log onto your computer ready to tackle the day. Using databases such as youtube for helpful video, zenquotes for you guessed it quotes, and dogAPI for our animal facts. This means that none of our info is stagnant but rather dynamic and constantly updated.

What it does

The main function of Umi bot is to help you make new, meaningful connections. In addition, our bot includes various functions to help you throughout your day, including checking the weather, giving you a recipe to cook, and sending an inspirational quote to cheer you up!

How we built it

We used pycord to build our Discord bot, Google Cloud to host our Python Bot and to store our users' preferences/information, and various APIs to implement the various features of Umi bot.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was definitely ambition; we came up with so many ideas, not all of which could be added to the final product. In addition to this, we had to learn cloud computing as well as other apis within this limited timeframe. Despite these challenges, we had a lot of fun, and we're satisfied how everything turned out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we are proud of out ability to work together and learn together. In this limited timeframe, we are pleased with our ability to learn various api's (Discord/Youtube/GoogleCloud/Etc). It worth seeing our project come together within the 36 hours, from a bot without functions to the multitude of actions the bot can now perform. [Edit: WE ALSO MANAGED TO HOST OUR PYTHON BOT ON GOOGLE CLOUD AT 5:11 AM. WHOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO] :DDDDDD.

What we learned

We learned about how difficult it is to come up with an idea and fully implement it within 36 hours. With little to no knowledge of APIs and Cloud Computing beforehand, we spent hours upon hours rummaging through online documentation. There were several times we faced a dead end and had to give up on an idea due to not being able to learn enough to do it within the time that we had.

What's next for UMI: A Bot for You and Me

In addition to the features and mobile application we mentioned in our DEMO video, we hope to add machine learning features so that UMI can project itself more to further emphasize that it is between you (we, the users) and me (our lovely bot)!

Built With

  • boredapi
  • catfact-api
  • discordapi
  • dog-api
  • google-cloud
  • mealdb-api
  • zenquote-api
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