College students oftentimes find themselves eating in their dining halls alone, wishing to share a conversation and a meal with a friend or to meet fellow students.

To address this need, we created a platform called UMeals! It is a secure, user-friendly platform that enables you to connect with other app users looking to eat with someone else and forge lasting connections with fellow peers.

This unique application brings value to all its users at no cost whatsoever, helps combat an eminent societal issue, and promotes communal good. Users simply input their log-in credentials (including a university email), match with someone or multiple people in a dining hall nearby, and enjoy a meal together!

In addition to errors in installing packages, it was very challenging to implement a planned face-detection API because the names of the attributes changed and certain pips could not be installed. We did not have a common language and had to teach ourselves how to use Django in a short period of time. However, in the future, we hope to make this into a mobile application for the sake of convenience, in addition to including facial recognition capabilities for added security measures and an internal messaging system for ease of communication without having to connect other private social media accounts.

We hope you enjoyed your UMeals!

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