Doctors working in the pediatrics ward of the Banner UMC have a problem with dividing up their time between multiple patients and families. They require a streamlined solution for disseminating information that they can control - experience has shown that self-diagnosing via the internet by patients provides mixed results.

What it does

This app allows medical doctors to write their own articles or share articles of their choosing via an administrative website, controlling content readily available through this app. Our app also provides a tour of the facility, to help patients and families navigate through the various areas of the hospital (lobby, radiology, oncology, pediatrics, etc.). We also have an activity that allows a doctor to draw on body parts to help patients understand their conditions.

How I built it

Android Studio was used to develop the Android App. A php application hosted on a RedHat Openshift server runs the administrative website. Our persistence level is serviced through a Parse database.

Challenges I ran into

Production went relatively smoothly! We had to learn Parse, and look up how to do drawing on an Android app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We feel we brought together a lot of different modules and activities (php server, Parse db, an encyclopedia activity, drawing activity, and tour activity) in a relatively short amount of time.

What I learned

Parse! How to draw in Android!

What's next for UMC Pediatrics App

Collaborating with Dr. Ravi Sethi in the UA CS department in conjunction with Dr. Hilary Franke, and Julie Furmick at the Banner UMC Pediatrics ward to develop a full prototype to present to Banner Health for funding

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