D3 : CN101870254 TITRE - Magnetic protective umbrella for automobile i.e. car, has tarpaulin whose end is fixed on body of automobile, where another end of tarpaulin is connected with scroll that is connected with motor transmission shaft by winding wire ABREGE (extrait de la base de données Derwent de Thomson Reuters): The umbrella has a tarpaulin assembly (2) formed with a tarpaulin (3) that is weaved with a long strip shaped soft magnetic strip i.e. permanent magnetic strip/electric magnetic strip, by magnetic lines. One end of the tarpaulin is fixed on a body of an automobile (1). Another end of the tarpaulin is connected with a scroll (4). The scroll is connected with a motor transmission shaft (6) by a winding wire (5). The tarpaulin assembly on top of the automobile is provided with an outer cover. A magnetic suction disk is arranged under the outer cover.

  • USE : Magnetic protective umbrella for an automobile i.e. car (from drawings).
  • ADVANTAGE : The tarpaulin can be extended according to self magnetic force when the automobile is stopped, and the body is covered to shield sunlight, avoid high temperature and protect the automobile. The tarpaulin is automatically scrolled by a motor driving the scroll without affecting vehicle shape before the automobile drives. The umbrella is simple in structure, inexpensive and light in weight, and has stable and reliable performance and wide range of application.

D2: CN200971040Y

Titre: Vehicle e.g. car, sunshade cover, has device for fixing sunshade curtain, fixing strap connected to curtain, group of soft magnet blocks fixed on curtain, and strap placed at position where curtain is close to edge of vehicle door Abrégé (extrait de la base de données Derwent de Thomson Reuters) : The cover has a device for fixing a sunshade curtain, a fixing strap connected to the sunshade curtain, and a group of soft magnet blocks fixed on the sunshade curtain. The fixing strap is placed at a position, where the sunshade curtain is close to an edge of a vehicle door. The fixing strap has a fixing bar connected to sunshade curtain and placed at a position where the sunshade curtain is close to rearview mirrors.

  • USE : Used for a vehicle e.g. car (from drawings).
  • ADVANTAGE : The fixing bar is clamped by the vehicle door when the vehicle door is closed, thus preventing the whole sunshade curtain from being stolen.

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