As a team, we decided to develop a resource website that keeps college students up to date within their department. We decided to start this project because we believe that students in our departments are very unaware of the events and opportunities that our department has to offer. This tends to lead to very low retention rates and very low attendance to current events being hosted on our campus. Our plan was to make a one stop shop for students that attend our school so they keep up to do date with school events and be able to get an easy access to tutoring. We also gave faculty a role by making it simple for them to create their own events or reminders of their office hours. With the time allotted, we deployed a full-stack prototype of our website using Heroku and developed in Python. Moving forward, we plan on implementing a video chat feature in order to have private meetings within different clubs or groups in our department. After using our computer science department as our "guinea pig" and develop a stable and effective website, we plan to grow it larger throughout our campus.

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