In 2020, innovation is one of the few things that are saving lives and returning us to a new normal. We contemplated how we can contribute to these innovations and believe that we have come up with a reasonable and effective product. The current challenges that the world is facing among this pandemic has inspired us to help create solutions that can keep everybody safer during these times.

What it does

This device is a simple, cheap, and intuitive invention that will allow people to increase their personal health using very baseline concepts. A moisture sensor on the device can be placed within the filters or pockets of masks of virtually all types, and will inform the user when the moisture has reached an unsafe level in the mask. The device will use bluetooth connectivity to a personal smartphone to relay information such as weather, air quality, and location to adjust the level of moisture needed to set the device off. Once the threshold is reached, the user is informed to change or replace their mask or filter, preventing accidental overuse of a now unsafe mask.

How we built it

We used an Arduino and simple sensors that allows for communication between the sensors and the app involved in helping track moisture levels. Not to mention we also used one of the most common object in all of our house holds, a mask!!

Challenges We Faced

Implementing the code for the app. We were able to get the app to work, the Arduino to work, and the lights to work individually but when we put it all together we noticed that the light didn't change at times, or the humidity sensor was not communicating to the app. We ended up being able to make our code more efficient and trouble shoot each problem by working through it step by step.

What's next for UMass 1

We are striving to complete this project fully and pitch the idea to hopefully make a difference in the world :)

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