Amidst the hectic lives and pandemic struck world, mental health has taken a back seat. This thought gave birth to our inspiration of this web based app that would provide activities customised to a person’s mood that will help relax and rejuvenate.

What it does

We planned to create a platform that could detect a users mood through facial recognition, recommends yoga poses to enlighten the mood and evaluates their correctness, helps user jot their thoughts in self care journal.

How we built it

Frontend: HTML5, CSS(frameworks used:Tailwind,CSS),Javascript

Backend: Python,Javascript

Server side> Nodejs, Passport js Database> MongoDB( for user login), MySQL(for mood based music recommendations)

Challenges we ran into

Incooperating the open CV in our project was a challenge, but it was very rewarding once it all worked . But since all of us being first time hacker and due to time constraints we couldn't deploy our website externally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mental health issues are the least addressed diseases even though medically they rank in top 5 chronic health conditions. We at umang are proud to have taken notice of such an issue and help people realise their moods and cope up with stresses encountered in their daily lives. Through are app we hope to give people are better perspective as well as push them towards a more sound mind and body We are really proud that we could create a website that could help break the stigma associated with mental health. It was an achievement that in this website includes so many features to help improving the user's mental health like making the user vibe to music curated just for their mood, engaging the user into physical activity like yoga to relax their mind and soul and helping them evaluate their yoga posture just by sitting at home with an AI instructor. Furthermore, completing this within 24 hours was an achievement in itself since it was our first hackathon which was very fun and challenging.

What we learned

We have learnt on how to implement open CV in projects. Another skill set we gained was on how to use Css Tailwind. Besides, we learned a lot about backend and databases and how to create shareable links and how to create to do lists.

What's next for Umang

While the core functionality of our app is complete, it can of course be further improved . 1)We would like to add a chatbot which can be the user's guide/best friend and give advice to the user when in condition of mental distress. 2)We would also like to add a mood log which can keep a track of the user's daily mood and if a serious degradation of mental health is seen it can directly connect the user to medical helpers, therapist for proper treatement. This lays grounds for further expansion of our website. Our spirits are up and the sky is our limit

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