Created by Qui Wang, Michelle Li, Patrick Rolon, and Arthur Lai for HackNY Spring 2018 Hackathon

How to run: python
enter a number > 1

Unfortunately, we actually were not able to create a GUI for this hack and our program is not as pretty as it should have been. We ran the program through IDLE. The Program will ask for an image when its executed. The image should contain ingredients that you may want to use to create a dish out of. This program uses the Clarifi API to parse the image and find 'contents' from the image that resemble some ingredients that may be used for cooking. Then we utilized the Edamam API to find recipes that correlate to the given ingredients found by the Clarifai app. After the program displayed some related recipes, it will ask you which recipe you would like to see and take you to the website where it contains the full information about that recipe. If you would like to see another recipe after that web visit, just type yes when it promts you if you want to see a different recipe. This is overall a pretty basic program and we definitely could of optimize it alot more. However, this was a learning experience for the group since this is the first Hackathon for many of the members in the group. We did our best and definitely had learned alot from this experience.

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