Making the world, slightly more comfortable for people who don't have eagle eyes!

What it does

UltraZoom is a native Mac application that runs in the background and uses the power of ultrasonics to show you what's most important on the screen! It magically detects if you are not seeing things clearly on the screen, and compensate it with a smooth zoom to where you want to look at!

How I built it

We initially had this idea for detecting when your mailbox was opened or closed so that you could save yourself a trip in cold winter days to your mailbox... But then, we we thought why stop there? So we created an OS X app that runs only in the menubar and with a single click puts the power of our hardware at your disposal.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was getting the data flowing between an Ultra-sonic Sensor and Xcode! The second step was coming up with proper and realistic ranges for the device to work for people of all ages. There are still a few bugs to take care of, but that would be much easier after a good night sleep!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of this product and the many applications that it can have to our day to day lives! We're (so is Steve Wozniak) also proud of interfacing a third-party hardware with a Mac!

What I learned

We learned the port communication protocols used for similar data transfers, as well as making a mac application for the first time!

What's next for UltraZoom

We will continue to work on our Mailbox idea (which already has an iOS app thanks to HackNC!) and then apply this technology to other areas where an accurate, wireless distance measurement would be useful...

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