As bus riders ourselves, we are always curious about the actual wait time for buses, especially on a snowy winter day. With the launch of MTA Bus Time App, NYC bus riders can now access real time bus arrival tracking information from their mobile devices. We would like to create something for non-mobile audiences, especially the elderly and minors demographic. This leads us to the Store-Front Bus Arrival Sign.


  • Display Real-Time bus arrival information on store windows in and between regular advertisements of local business
  • Ability to compile multiple bus routes and in different directions (Westbound, southbound, etc.) on a single sign
  • Broadcast Bus Service Alerts
  • Provide service for patrons to shop in the store without missing their buses
  • Attract bus riders to view local business advertisements between bus arrival messages
  • Potential to be set up as portable displays


  • Bus Time data were transmitted through either Ethernet, Wi-Fi or wireless signals. The “Plug-And-Play” solution entitles signs to be self-standing and portable.
  • We are happy to build the product to connect local business and bus riders. We appreciate our existing local business owners for allowing us to display current Bus Time signs, and the sign has proven to be an effective tool for business owners to communicate with potential customers. The local community in turn benefits from the information provided by the Bus Time signs.

What's Next

  • Visualization tool to provide a time-based predictive system of the bus arrival time.
    MTA Bus Time is a distance-based system with no estimated time of bus arrivals. We are working on a time-based visualization tool based on historical bus data. With the real-time bus data and historical statistical charts, we are looking to provide the most accurate estimated time of Bus Arrival.
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