You are rushing to a busy railway station in India to catch your train. But unfortunately your train was delayed by 30 minutes. You are just walking around the platform. You just crossed a advertisement kiosk/TV over there. And for your surprise, you received a notification on your phone saying "You are at Bangalore Railway Station. Go and have a coffee at Cafe Coffee Day 25 metres ahead from here. Use this coupon: Happy50 and get 50Rs discount. Enjoy your coffee!". This is awesome. How is it even possible?

What it does

We generate ultrasound frequencies above 16KHz which is above the audible range for a human. Our servers will do spectrum allocations for advertisements and map it to frequencies and offers. And whenever you see the advertisement at a kiosk, it will play the advertisement and also the inaudible audio. On the other side, you already have paytm, flipkart, snapdeal, myntra or Amazon apps on your mobile. They have our SDK integrated inside their app already. When ever you pass by the kiosk or TV, you will get the offer that is mapped to the particular advertisement.

How we built it

  1. Vendors comes to our backend. Gives the advertisement details along with location and data that need to be pushed.
  2. Our backend system will encode the data into frequencies using DBPSK.
  3. We embed the audio with the advertisement video which is not audible to human ears since it is frequency is above 17KHz.
  4. When a user is around with the app related to the advertisement, he/she will get a notification with the location based advertisement.
  5. woohoo! Enjoy your offer!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues on encoding audio into frequencies initially. But we figured out a way to encode it using DBPSK mode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Figured out a new business model
  2. No data consumption over Internet. Everything happens in offline.

What we learned

More on audio encoding and how audio frequency spectrum works

What's next for UltraPush

Since we have developed this module as a generic app, we can have multiple usecases with our SDK and the backend system. We can even play gesture based games using this.

  1. By next week, we will push our working app on store. And if anyone is interested to help us further on this idea, we are ready to take it to next step.
  2. We will figure out new usecases and develop it further
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