Masks have been a constant throughout the pandemic and scientists state: we will be wearing masks for the next few months to a year. These masks have protected us from spreading the coronavirus as they have been proven to prevent harmful emissions from our nose and mouth (such as sneezes and coughs) from transmitting to other people. However, even though these masks have served benefits to us, there are some cons as well. As all of us can relate, these face coverings are not the greatest at circulating the air that is being stored within. This can cause us to feel confined in a small space. This also creates a lot of moisture that will turn into a sweat which also does not feel comfortable. Because of this, individuals don’t like to wear masks as they make them uncomfortable. Additionally, since the pandemic hit the world, pollution rates have gone up greatly. That’s where the Ultra Mask comes in. Consumers would not have to throw away a mask or carelessly lose it. The mask is water-resistant and is made out of a soft comfortable 3d printed filament - making it easy to clean and wear. While working on this project, we have found a new appreciation towards the engineering design process. It took us multiple hours and attempt to model and finalize a 3d render for our mask. Additionally, learning about the environmental impact disposable masks have had on the world, made us value the world more.

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