The story is about about a boy named Henry who saves the world. It begins when Dr.death wants to take over the world so he builds an evil invention that could enslave humanity, but one piece is missing to power his machine and that is a negative power core. He finds out the government has one and gives the an Ultimatum to give it to them in 48 hours or he blow up all the famous world monuments. On that same day our hero henry who still isn't a hero, is walking next to a secret government building that are testing pills that will give you super powers. He takes out his pills since he has some problems too, then one case of the finished power pills falls out an open window by accidentally, falling on Henry's hand and pushing his pills of but he dosent notice and eats it. Before he knew it he was all of a suddenly tall, full of muscles, and clothes ripped but his pants. That's when the story begins. What in spired me to make this game was all of the super heroes movies i saw and then noticing that no one of them were ever more out of shape. My target audience is 10 and up since it has some nice comedy but little kids might not be able to understand the story. The key features that i am very proud of is that this character is a character many people might be able to relate too.

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