It's a long story. We know that we have thousands of files on our PC our cloud. But it's extremely hard sometimes to find our desired files. Let me give you an example- You have downloaded thousands of books from the internet, and all of them have an irrelevant name like - "whn_23", "2663ty" etc. So, you're still not ready to read your books. You have to open every single file and see the name of the book. So, if it's your worst day and you have 1000 books, then just think about yourself now! It's not only books. Every person has to face this problem in their life. Like- office workers who have tons of office files, but can't remember the purpose of every single file.

What it does

Now, what we are going to do is- building an ultimate software, which will sort every single file searching it's actual name from the file with the author and date. Not only this but also it will separte all the files in seperate folders and sub-folders. Like- root folder- "mathematics" - sub folder -"number theory" - sub-sub folder- "prime numbers" - ....... - "your book"

How we built it

We've primarialy used C for building this ultimaterSort software.

Challenges we ran into

Proiding a perfect front-end, finding file descriptions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our idea and progress so far.

What we learned

we have learned so many complex algorithms while creating this software

What's next for UltimateSort

We are going to make it cross platfrom and a web frontend.

Built With

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