The primary function of ultimate rugby is to establish itself as the world’s premier rugby application for portable devices, becoming the principle match day second screen application for its current 400,000 users. Ultimate's goal is to provide its fans with comprehensive, interactive and accurate information on all top tier teams, leagues and matches worldwide. A particularly popular selling point is our real time match event and live commentary functionality. We aim not only to showcase alternative content to that of television but also enhance users ability follow multiple matches with ease through one all encompassing mobile application.

Ultimate Rugby strives to give users the most comprehensive and personalized mobile rugby experience in the world. Users can Customize their own app through favouriting the teams/leagues and matchs which interest them the most.

Our newly constructed team page now enable fans to purchase match day tickets, join supporters club, watch video highlight, buy their favourite teams gear and links them to their teams social media pages to promote further interact and engagement.

Our latest enhancements have lead to the creation of a secondary focus called “UScore”. The birth of Ultimate Rugby’s “UScore” feature aims to bring live scoring and match commentary back to a grass roots level. Local amateur clubs, semi professional clubs and rugby academies can now create and score games live through this new functionality enabling fans, parents and rival’s to follow and interact with their clubs games in real time and with the same level of detail as we provide for professional leagues.

Walk Through of the App:

Upon entering Ultimate users are directed to their personalized homepage containing a list of upcoming games based on the individual’s favoured teams and leagues. (Note: Teams and leagues can be favoured simply by clicking into your preference and hitting the star icon at the top right of the screen.) Scroll functionality on the homepage lets users manoeuvre backwards to view previous results or forwards to see a list of upcoming game time, dates and venues. It is well known that Rugby Fans are very loyal and tribal, hence the reasoning behind the banner bar at the top of the homepage. This enable users to drive quickly through to their favourite teams, providing people a quick easy method to engage with the most important clubs to them.

If a user wishes to see this list on all games rather than just teams favoured simply swipe the screen from right to left for a full breakdown. This enables fans to monitor multiple matches live through our second screen application enhancing users match day experience and enabling viewers to engage and chat with each other within our live game commentary via Facebook.

To get a more in depth breakdown of a game, users can click on a match to drive them to more detailed game day data. This brings visitors to our match day centre providing them with general game information, squad team sheets, Twitter widgets of each game, league tables, real time match events and live commentary as seen in the images below.

Push notifications on squad updates, kick off reminders and full time results are sent to users for each game once they have favoured a team.

The Icon located at the top right of the application screen drives fans towards the Ultimate Rugby news feed. Ultimate draws in articles on rugby issues from the best sites around the world while also providing fans with our own personalized news content through our daily and weekly round ups. Similar to the match homepage, fans are shown news directly linked to their favourite teams. If a viewer would broaden the news articles been shown to them they can swipe from right to left to bring up all the latest news articles.

The Icon on the top left hand side brings the application’s main tabs to screen these being: Home, Players, Teams, Tournaments Rugby Shop and Settings. Users can mine through the deep well of data UR has built up since its conception to educate them on player backgrounds and statistics, team updates, and tournament details. Each player, team and tournament page is equipped with social media links and latest news feeds to keep viewers up to date on all the latest from their favourite rugby Ultimate Rugby’s database provides fans with in depth details on over 4000 players and over 85 clubs and countries along with covering all major tournaments giving fans an unrivaled source of information.

Along with information search capabilities users can also click to drive through to Ultimate Rugby’s recently launched online shop selling over 3000 items of rugby apparell and equipment.

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