Managing Confluence permissions is complex because permissions are set all over the spaces and pages. Effective permissions (what users can really see and do in Confluence) are affected by many factors.

What it does

Ultimate Permissions Manager helps you understand how and why users can access your content. It reveals all secrets and hidden complexities behind the permissions and access rights. It allows you to manage user and group permissions centrally in a single page and get explanations of how Global and Space Permissions, and Page Restrictions are combined into the ultimate permission (access level) the users experience

How I built it

We built it with Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Challenges I ran into

The complexity of the permission system challenged us to create a clear view of the information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Clear User Interface that aggregates complex data structures into a single, understandable view, useful use cases implemented that solve real world problems.

What's next for Ultimate Permissions Manager for Confluence

Our product will provide export features, easy-to-use permission setting screens and permission schemes like in JIRA.

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posted an update

We have released version 2.0 of Ultimate Permissions Manager for Confluence.

It comes with much more detailed explanations (super users, admins, can-use permissions, anonymous access), an improved UI, better error handling and other minor improvements.

Confluence has a complex permission system with lots of tweaks.

Understand all details, discover misconfigurations, reveal undesired access to content with ease using our product.

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