Features on the Gear:

  • new design with current time, date and battery status

  • added the album art of the current song as the background for the Gear with a beautiful blur and vignette effect

  • added a song duration progress bar for the current song

  • added a button to browse through the music of your smartphone and let it play

  • should be compatible with Gear S

Features on the smartphone:

  • added a settings section for configuration of the Gear

  • implemented 4 different methods to control the music player app on the smartphone to ensure it will work

  • implemented a mechanism to auto start the app when you plug in your headphone

  • added a color picker to apply custom colors to get a personalized layout for your smartphone and Gear


You know how annoying it can be, when you are listening to some music by your phone and a song begins to play which you've heard one time too often. So you would like to skip to the next track...this is not as easy as it sounds, because you have to fetch the phone out of your pocket, maybe also out of a case, struggle with the cable of your ear plugs and then, finally, you can skip to the next track...but not anymore! Now it just takes one lift of your arm and one swipe on your Gear 2 smart watch to control your music! Simple and quick!

The purpose of Ultimate Music Control is to help you to control your music playing on your phone by using your GEAR 2 smart watch at your wrist. It also enables you to get some more information about the current playing song in an easy and quick way. And, the best thing is, it works for almost every music app you would like to use. You don't need to look for a nice music player app which has also an app for your watch implemented, you can just use your favorite music player app you've used all the time before!

This app is very easy to use. Just open the Ultimate Music Control (Provider) app on your phone, your favorite music player app and the Ultimate Music Control (Consumer) app on your watch. Tap on the play button to start or use swipe gestures to control your music as described at the provider app.

Ultimate Music Control is an integrated Samsung Gear Application. After download and installation of the host-side application (Provider) for your smart phone the widget app (Consumer) on your Gear 2 smart watch will be installed automatically.

Have fun and enjoy! :)

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