I got so interested in building Vector Dash because i have passion for building games but as an indie can only start small, while i have already made various projects without any success, this is one of my best so far. I was inspired by the game Geometry dash.

What it does

This game is a simple one tap arcade game, which gradually gets so addicting, it has lots of characters you can choose from an achievements section and also changing of the entire game theme to dark for night mode etc for now it has only 4 levels which i hope to increase in due time

How I built it

I built impossible dash from a simple tap and jump square game source code, I have mastered corona sdk lua programming language. I got the graphics from free graphics websites and then edited this various graphics with gimp photo editor and also got sounds from free sounds websites.

Challenges I ran into

It made my life a mess, beign an indie game developer from Nigeria, where everything is just messed up i had to punish myself a lot, people believed i was wasting my time.Because they don't even understand what i am doing. But hopefully i believe i can make something out this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been able to get a job as an indie game developer in a startup company here in Nigeria at least. I make at least $2 a day from this game for now, i hope to promote it with any help i can get.

What I learned

I have to upgrade to using a faster game engine like unity which i am getting good at now and also monetize the game better ways like admob, chartboost etc.

What's next for Impossible dash

I hope to bring the game to ios store, when i can afford an apple laptop or mac book. then hope to promote the game through facebook and other promoting platforms.

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