In every class, back home in India, my professors take at least 15 mins taking attendance of students in every class. Being a government institution, taking attendance is necessary for them. Each class has a strength of over 120 students.

A professor's time shouldn't be used for taking attendance. Out of every 40 mins lecture, even if the professor wastes 5 mins of their time, it would amount to a significant number over the year: around 30 hours!!

What it does

Ultimate attendance manager is an app takes care of the taking the attendance quickly and accurately by asking the students about specific students sitting around them.

Step 1 > Each student gets 5-7 questions on who's sitting around them (anywhere visible) in the class. The students answer with the name or roll number of the position in question.

Step 2 > Each seat in the class gets voted by at least 5 random students about who has occupied that seat. If a student has correctly put his seating position, he'll be marked as present because other 5 students will be able to see and verify that he/she is there.

How I built it

I build the backend on Node.js and Express.js. The database in use is CockroachDB. For frontend I used Bootstrap and Angular.js. The android app is coded in Java and XML.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the algorithm and implementing it on the backend was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having implemented an idea I was thinking about for long!

What I learned

Building a backend and integrating it with a database.

What's next for Ultimate attendance manager

Including face recognition so that students could just point the camera towards unknown students around them to mark them for attendance.

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